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Tribute Acts - Why so popular?

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Madonna By Knight in pink corset
Madonna By Knight - Madonna Tribute

Tribute acts have been around for quite some time now and most people are familiar with the concept. Tribute Acts and Bands began back in the late 80s with a love from professional acts and bands to their musical idols, some of the first being to that of The Beatles and ABBA. The Tribute genre took hold and in no time at all, TV latched on to the popularity with shows such as "Stars In Their Eyes" and very quickly became prime time viewing eventually leading to a staggering 17 series!. Today the genre has expanded into the world of Theatre and West End Productions as well as a new generation of TV shows such as ITV's Starstruck.

The appeal of a Tribute is really quite simple, people know what to expect. A good tribute should resemble the artist they are emulating lookalike and soundalike, they should also incorporate the mannerisms of the artist, performing style and on stage presence of the star. This combination of factors means that you can enjoy a tribute night for far less than seeing the original artist and in a venue more convenient.


Most established Tribute Acts are fully professional performers who take their craft seriously, many have come from a theatre background or worked extensively as professional performers for many years, attaining the performance skills required to not only entertain their audience but also emulate another performers unique style.

If/When booking a Tribute artist you should ensure that they have quality publicity, excellent PA System and lighting, a healthy social media following, Google reviews, clear video and audio promo and of course brilliant costumes which are authentic to the person / band they are a tribute to, these are basic requirements of a quality tribute act who is dedicated to their craft.

Many Tribute Artists are flexible so that the performance can be individually tailored for a specific venue or event. They may offer 2 sets of the Tribute, 1 set of the tribute and then a covers set designed to reflect the era of the Tributed Act, or they may offer a completely varied 2nd set of covers from all eras.

Tribute Acts are such an integral part of the UK music scene today playing everywhere from the local club to truly huge music festivals such as Tribfest, Glastonbudget and Musicom.

Tribute acts - why so popular? here's a big one...the cost of going to watch some of the worlds biggest stars is now out of the reach of many wannabe concert goers and Tribute acts help to keep the music of those stars in performance venues around the country / world at a much more reasonable ticket price. Keep on supporting the venues and enjoying the music!

Madonna Tribute  - Natalie Knight

Natalie Knight is a Madonna Tribute Act based in the United Kingdom and has been performing her tribute since 2008.

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