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Madonna By Knight - The Show

Madonna Tribute Act

Since launching Madonna By Knight in 2008, Natalie Knight has taken her Madonna tribute show to festivals, weddings, corporate functions, hotels, casinos, restaurants, birthday parties, football stadiums, holiday parks and around the world to Ireland, China, Oman, Spain, Finland, Malaysia, Bulgaria, France... in fact you name it, and she’s probably performed there and loved every single minute.

Madonna By Knight live action

The Tribute to the Queen of Pop:
 Madonna By Knight

Natalie formed this incredible Madonna tribute based on her favourite Madonna look and concert - Blond Ambition. The 57-show tour began on April 13, 1990, in Chiba, Japan, and concluded on August 5, 1990, in Nice, France and featured the iconic Jean-Paul Gautier pink corset and pin-striped suit look which Natalie absolutely adores.

The show is available in 1 x 45-minute, 1 x 60-minute or 2 x 45-minute formats and features the biggest hits from Madonna's catalogue…#1’s such as Like A Virgin, True Blue, Vogue, Like A Prayer, Open Your Heart, Crazy For You, Papa Don't Preach and Express Yourself, Holiday, Into The Groove, Cherish and many more.


Madonna has had so many iconic looks throughout her domination of the pop charts, and Natalie has a selection of costumes so you never know which Madonna you may get :-)

The show has a brilliant sound and lighting technician who controls all of the magic and wizardry of the sound and lights making Natalie look and sound great so that she can concentrate on entertaining her audience rather than twiddling with the equipment.

Natalie Knight - Madonna impersonator, has been performing as Madonna since 2008 and has gained a reputation for her faithful renditions of Madonna's hits and her striking resemblance to the pop icon.


You’ll find each performance as authentic as possible yet distinctly unique as Natalie adapts each performance to make that particular show special and memorable so that every person who comes to see the show, even if they're not a super fan like Natalie, goes home appreciating the true brilliance of the undisputed queen of Pop - Madonna.


Check out Natalie's blog page for further info on the tribute world and personal experiences.

Madonna By Knight on stage in the Material Girl Show

MADONNA - The Icon, The Legend...

Madonna's impact on pop music and popular culture has undeniably solidified her status as a legend. Her groundbreaking achievements, innovative approach to music, and cultural influence have set her apart and made her an enduring figure in the industry.

Madonna's career over four decades has consistently pushed boundaries and she has continually reinvented herself, staying relevant and influential throughout the years. Her ability to adapt to changing trends and incorporate diverse musical styles into her work has allowed her to maintain a significant presence in the ever-evolving world of pop music.

As an artist, Madonna has not only amassed an enormous discography of chart-topping hits but has also influenced generations of musicians who have followed in her footsteps. Many artists have cited her as a source of inspiration and have emulated her style, stage presence, and artistic vision.

Furthermore, Madonna's impact extends beyond music. She has challenged societal norms, tackled controversial subjects through her art, and used her platform to advocate for various social causes. This has not always meant she has been received well by all facets of society, however, her fearlessness, resilience, and determination have made her a cultural icon and an inspiration to millions of adoring fans all around the globe.

The term "legend" is indeed fitting for Madonna, as she has left an indelible mark on the music industry and popular culture as a whole. Her contributions and enduring influence make her a true embodiment of the term and I  am proud and privileged to perform my Madonna tribute around the world performing the hits created by the star we all know and love, Madonna!

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